Good Luck to ex J4K student

J4k would like to wish ex Just4keepers goalkeeper student Dion Henry the very best of luck as he moves to a new club this season. Dion who has left Peterborough United on mutual consent is set for a BIG future in the game as we are positive it will be just a matter of time before he is with another club.

Dion who attended a Just4keepers Residential was took under the wing of Just4keepers goalkeeper coach Ian Pledger who took him to Peterborough United FC and Dion has been turning many heads ever since with a string of excellence performances.

So the very best of luck Dion from everyone at Just4keepers :)

Dion Henry - in Action  

Dion Henry in Action


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J4K Professional Goalkeeper Martin Polacek Makes His International Debut

J4K Professional Goalkeeper Martin Polacek Makes His International Debut

Amazing news – J4K professional endorsee Martin Polacek has made his international debut for his country Slovakia. Martin who is a man mountain and is actually down as the strongest goalkeeper in the world has amazing future ahead of him!

It is an honour to support Martin and share his success!

Congratulations Martin from All at Just4keepers.


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Tips And Video For Small Goalkeepers

Small Goalkeeper - Help And Advice

Over nearly 30 years helping goalkeepers all over the world one of the most common asked questions I have been asked by frustrated goalkeepers and their parents, many many times is ‘ How can I become a professional goalkeeper if I am small’ or ‘how can I get to a college scholarship if I am going to be too small’

When I get asked these goalkeeping questions from my goalkeeper students, I can hear the pure frustration in their voices.

There has been soooo many goalkeeper students I have coached over the years that in my opinion where good enough to make the grade but where simply not giving the chance because they were not tall enough.

So as a goalkeeper coach , it is just as frustrating for me who has worked with these goalkeepers and knowing that they were good enough.

Because I believe if a goalkeeper is good enough, they are big enough.

However rather than me write a long article, please see the video I have produced to help and advise goalkeepers and their parents with this goalkeeping issue.

I hope this helps?

Ray Newland

Founder of Just4keeper

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This is why Parents AND Goalkeepers Choose J4K Goalkeeper Gloves

We have just received this testimony email from a parent and wanted t share with you. If your new to J4K, your probably wondering what all the hype is about. Well in brief, J4Kprovides high quality goalkeeper gloves but at a fraction of the cost of other goalkeeper glove brands.

This is something we are very very proud of in J4K… please see the happy J4k parent and keeper below.

Stephanie who plays for  Livermore Fusion SC  has used Adidas, Ho, Reusch and Uhlsport.

She currently has a pair of $150.00 Uhlsport Gloves and prefers her J4K Gloves.

She has worn J4K for 2 seasons now playing at the highest level of Youth Soccer in California Premier/NPL and loves the stick, cushion and feel of the glove.

As a parent I like the durability and of course price J

With J4K, we don’t need to get new gloves every season but with the price points we can get her two or more pairs of gloves a season, for the higher cost we would get with similar gloves from other lines that always break down a lot quicker thn J4k gloves.

Scott – Proud Goalkeeping Parent of Stephanie.



Thank you scott for a wonderful review

Ray Newland

Founder Just4keepers

Shop J4K Goalkeeper Gloves


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Goalkeepers Union – Its More Thank Just Goalkeeper Coaching

Below you will see a very touching story from J4K Coach George from Kenya.

George reached out to J4K for help to achieve his dream on setting up a goalkeeper school in his country, so J4k obliged.

J4K has been helping goalkeeper coaches and goalkeepers all over the world since 1999 but even we did not know the impact J4K would have, not only on George life and his family, but also the positive impact on the community.

We are very proud of a lot of things we have done in J4K helping people less fortunate all over the world… but this is something special.

J4k Proud To Be Different

Joining J4k is the best thing that has ever happened to me. In as many years as I can remember I was struggling financially  until  2 years ago when I  teamed up with  J4k the whole situation has changed. This are things that I only Dreamt of but today as I speak j4k has brought the light and made it a reality.

It hasn’t been easy to penetrate the Kenyan Market and East Africa  however I must commend j4k founder and C.E.O Ray Newland  who believed in me even when I had nothing to show, guided me through this life changing process , he was always available to motivate and advice me , he creates time for all the j4k coaches, treats all of us equally and listens to our views, thus  the reason I say he is one of  the best C.E.O in the world .

My gratitude also go to  Paula and Ash they have really  worked  round the clock to always make sure our orders & donations get to us on time. We particularly appreciate their prompt response  and follow ups whenever there are delays in deliveries. 

My young keepers from poor backgrounds here in Kenya have really benefited from  J4k donations thanks to J4k coaches and parents who have tirelessly supported us. Our partnership with Larry Dolph (j4k Northern VA) has helped a lot of kids  here in Kenya who  get free gloves ,boots and apparel . 

I can proudly say ,J4k is now the biggest brand in Kenya . Thank you  Ray Newland. 

George Opiyo – Director : J4k Kenya

Shop J4K – www.goalkeeperglovesforsale.com 



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Martin Polacek

Professional Goalkeeper Martin Polacek is a Slovak football goalkeeper who plays for Zagłębie Lubin, Great shots of Martin at one of his games 

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Rochester Rhinos Professional Goalkeeper Kyle Morton signs With J4K

J4K are happy for yet ANOTHER Professional goalkeeper to be signing with our J4K Glove, so it shows the J4K Goalkeeper Glove is now just as popular as our international goalkeeper schools

Shop Now with www.goalkeeperglovesforsale.com 

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Just4keepers goalkeeper training schools

Just4keepers goalkeeper training schools

Just4keepers goalkeeper training schools has been running since 1999 and has been helping goalkeepers all over the world.

In fact J4K now operates in over 30 countries and across every continents and EVERY week somewhere, Just4keepers is helping one of our students achieve their goalkeeping dreams.

Please see below Just4keepers Romania and you will see many J4K goalkeeper students enjoying their time getting coached at a J4K goalkeeper camp this week.

Already, the J4K Romania goalkeeper coaches are helping their students gain opportunities with trails for professional football clubs and we are so proud at J4K we are helping young goalkeepers al over the world achieve their goalkeeping dreamsJ

J4k – Proud To Be Different!


goalkeeper training

goalkeeper training

goalkeeping training

goalkeeper training



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Liverpool Goalkeeper Legend Bruce Grobbelaar Spaghetti Legs

Liverpool Goalkeeper Legend Bruce Grobbelaar

Just seenthis video on you tube and thought I would share maybe for our young goalkeeper members who were not fortunate to see liverpool goalkeeper legend bruce grobabelaar help Liverpool FV win the European Cup (which is todays version of the Champions league)

Now this is how to handle pressure and put the pressure on the penalty kicker... love it!www.goalkeeperglovesforsale.com

bruce grobbelaar

Liverpool Legend Goalkeeper Bruce Gobbelaar wearing His J4Ks.


Liverpool V Roma European Cup Final


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Legend bruce grobbelaar Wears J4K Goalkeeper Gloves

Legend bruce grobbelaar Wears J4K Goalkeeper Gloves

Very happy to see legend goalkeeper bruce grobbelaar wearing his j4K goalkeeper gloves ...

below you will see from left to right, J4K Goalkeeper Coach Adrian Chelow, Bruce and Richmond Kickers pro Goalkeeper Alex wimmerwww.j4ksports.com, all wearing their J4K goalkeeper gloves 

Shop now for J4K Goalkeeper gloves 

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