Young Kendrick wearing His J4k Keeper Gloves

Below is an excellent photo his favourite kit and goalkeeper gloves. 

He always wears J4k keeper gloves because he likes the fit and performance, as a parent, and as a parent I also like the price and durability.

Kendrick Green wearing j4k goalkeeper gloves

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WWE FANS – Check Out The Bar Wrestling Team, With The Legend Kurt Angle, Wearing Their J4K Goalkeeper Gloves

WWE FANS – Check Out The Bar Wrestling Duo, With The Legend Kurt Angle, Wearing Their J4K Goalkeeper Gloves At Man City Football Stadium.

THE BAR with the J4K Goalkeeper Gloves

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Payton in action with her Just4keepers Goalkeeper Gloves

Just4keepers girl Payton has been a J4k goalkeeper for many years now. She just completed her 11-grade season her 4th varsity season as the starting keeper, all wearing one type or another of the J4K goalkeeper gloves. To say Payton is a fan of J4K would be an understatement, Payton is being recruited by some Division one schools and plans to continue to wear the Just4Keepers goalkeeper gloves with pride!

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Young J4K Goalkeeper student

J4K Matthew Mullen aged 10 years, who attends J4K Merseyside and Cheshire - trains in Penketh.

Matthew has attended J4K since the age of 5 and loves his sessions with Sam Mass. Since starting with J4K Matt has always worn J4K gloves. That's why he makes so many saves. He loves his new gloves.

Matt plays for Eagle JFC under 11's in the Warrington league.

Matthew Mullen wearing his J4K goalkeeper gloves

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Young Just4keepers Goalkeeper In Action

Dear Ray and Just4keepers my son attends Just4keepers with Lee Harper (through Leicester junior Fox's).

We only buy J4K goalkeeper gloves, as the higher quality to whats available in sports shops is easily evident.

Also the goalkeeper gloves are a good price, we do buy some end of line gloves ( which as you know - just because end of line does not mean of any lesser quality).

He's got through many pairs as you can imagine with football 6 days a week on multiple surface types.

Even tonight he's been invited to the Leicester city dome for a 6v6 – thank you to you and Just4keepers to the commitment of my young lad and great coaching.