Goalkeeper Gloves Size 9 - Roll Finger

The Roll Finger Glove is probably the most popular gk glove cut for professional goalkeepers around the world and this type of palm is suitable for goalkeepers with thin, slender hands, and or fingers.

Goalkeeper Gloves size 9 - Negative Cut

goalkeeper gloves size 9

Negative Cut keeper gloves cuts are generally suitable for goalkeepers with broad big, wide hands, and or fingers.

Goalkeeper Gloves size 9 - Flat Palm

goalkeeper gloves size 9

Flat palms keeper cuts, like Negative Cut keeper gloves are generally suitable for keepers with broad hands, and or fingers.

Goalkeeper Gloves Size 9 - Hybrid Cut Palm

goalkeeper gloves size 9

The Hybrid Cut is a keeper glove cut is normally when the little finger and index finger of the gk glove is a Roll Finger cut and the middle two fingers are Negative Cut or Flat Palm cut. This is normally for keepers who have irregular shaped hands.


Please Note: When you try on a pair of goalkeeper gloves size 9 on, you must feel 100% confident in how this glove feels on your hands, if the glove feels uncomfortable DO NOT buy because this glove shape will probably must not be suitable for your shaped hand.

So when buying a pair goalkeeper gloves size 9 you MUST pick a glove that feels natural when it’s on your hand.

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Goalkeeper Gloves Size 9